The fresh scent of citrus on a cool, bright day reminds me that it’s time for spring cleaning! The time of year when many of us are more than ready for longer days, warmer weather and clothing that’s somewhat lighter and less bulky.

Coincidentally, the vernal equinox is a great time to take a fresh look at your website and tidy things up in honor of the arrival of spring and the Sun crossing the celestial equator.

All right, all right, that’s a little heavy! Enough with the spring metaphors from me. Here are 3 things you can do right now to clean up your website and make it a more powerful asset for your business:

1. Look Around Your Website for Dust

That’s right, dusty content can be cluttering up your website and losing you opportunities. It’s common for content to get overlooked after it has been on your website for a while. Take a look back at your older pages and update photos or language that is out of date. Review your important web pages (contact us if you are unsure how to tell which website pages are the important ones) and replace inaccurate information or update language to today’s standard. You could be losing customers if the information they are finding on your website is out of date. So fix it.

2. Clean Up Your Website Meta Data (tags, title, descriptions)

You want your website to appear squeaky clean for your guests, don’t you? Meta data is the key information that search engines utilize to help show your web page in search results. This textual information is what you see in a Google search results page. To Google, clean meta data is the equivalent of being able to walk through a tidy home.

We commonly see missing meta data on websites managed by business owners or marketing directors who update them sporadically or infrequently. These folks are usually very busy and often overlook inserting meta data for their web pages when creating them.

In addition to the web pages that you create content for, you should be including meta titles, meta descriptions, and alternative text for photos in order to optimize your website and make your website look squeaky clean to Google. Tools like Yoast (a free version available for WordPress websites) help make the entry of meta data much easier and analytical (see image below).

website designer website spring cleaning

3. Fix Broken Website Links

A broken link occurs when you are linking to a page that is missing or no longer exists. Broken links are bad for your website visitors and very bad for your Google ranking. Depending on if the link is from your website, or to another website, will determine how easy it is to fix. While I am not a fan of having links go off of your website because visitors can leave your website and not come back, it is required sometimes.

Using a tool such as W3C’s Link Checker or (good for up to 3,000 page websites) can help expose broken links so you can fix them. Either get rid of the broken link all together, or fix it. Always pay close attention when you input your link because misspellings are a common reason for a link to be broken.

So celebrate a new beginning and get your website into shape during spring. If you have questions about your website or would like to convert it into a valuable asset to your business, reach out to the team at Trillion via our contact form or call us at 908.219.4703.