An infographic about interesting facts about daylight saving time designed by Trillion.

Daylight Saving Time is March 13, 2016

At Trillion, we have fallen in love with infographics and so have our clients. Infographics engage readers much more than plain text and keep readers reading. When well crafted, they can see considerable traction in social media which can have positive results for your brand. You can use infographics on the web, as posters, handouts and within different kinds of marketing communications collateral.

As we were preparing to design the infographic below on “Everything You Didn’t Know About Daylight Saving Time”, we conducted preliminary research. We needed to find relevant and interesting factoids as well as some rudimentary data about the moment most people change their clocks one hour ahead or one hour back.

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Creating an infographic design is a talent where illustration, typography and graphic design come together to help simplify a complex story. In our Daylight Saving Time infographic, we combined line drawings and vector artwork in a manor that features the basics, the history, and how daylight saving time is affecting our daily lives.

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