Master chef and blogger Franco Lania needed a package designed for his inaugural product launch, Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes. The griddle cakes were inspired by one of Franco’s trips to Minnesota, where he updated a favorite traditional Arborio rice pancake recipe using nutritious Minnesota wild rice  an instant hit! Trillion was tasked with creating a package design that combined the personality of the Franco Lania brand with the Midwestern roots of his product’s key ingredient.

Franco’s vigor for food and life is the integral foundation of his brand, and is conveyed on the package design by his bold brand color palette and a photo of his smiling face. A beautiful photo of the delicious griddle cakes — along with a warm orange secondary color, illustration of wild rice plants, and stamp of Minnesota-grown authenticity  represent the sunny fields and homespun culture of Minnesota. The package’s design was also interpreted into attention-grabbing display materials, including an adjustable-height tradeshow-style banner and a point of purchase in-store display to hold the boxes. These promotional materials are exciting and eye-catching but also collapsible and convenient, allowing Franco to bring them on the road to his many promotional events without sacrificing visual impact.


Chef Franco Lania is now touring the United States giving product demonstrations for his Minnesota Wild Rice Griddle Cakes with plans to expand his product line into other mixes and spices soon.