When people take better care of themselves through eating right, regular exercise, and keeping up with their regular doctor visits, everybody benefits. Colgate-Palmolive wanted to reach employees and inspire them to “live better” by taking advantage of the company’s wellness programs.

Trillion was retained to create an employee benefits poster design that would engage Colgate-Palmolive employees and urge them to take better care of themselves and improve their long term health outcomes.

The posters showcased fellow employees who discussed their “wellness success stories” and what steps they were taking to improve their overall health. The employees’ quotes are front and center and reflect the many health and wellness programs the company offers its employees. This poster series utilized a strong color palette and brand identity familiar to Colgate-Palmolive employees.

The posters also feature a still frame from an interview with the featured employee and a call to action to drive people to the web to watch the video interviews.

Designed with Towers Watson


This project has been recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded an American Graphic Design Award.