BNP Paribas is a European leader in the international banking and financial services industries and one of the world’s largest financial networks, comprising over 200,000 employees and operating in 84 countries.

This employee benefits enrollment design project was created for U.S. employees and French expatriates of BNP Paribas to explain and promote participation in their benefits enrollment program. Live Well/Vivre Bien was the theme throughout the main guide, inserts and introductory mailer. Using large-scale imagery of active lifestyles and nature and a color palette of yellow-orange and BNP Paribas green, it encourages employees to participate in the programs offered toward enriching their lives. The warm and inviting design and overall tone of the piece assist in communicating detailed information associated with eligibility and benefits, ultimately resulting in the goal of a high level of employee participation.

Designed with LM Inc.