When a new member joins the NY-NJ Trail Conference, he or she receives a special welcome package by mail that contains a letter, membership card, literature and a new membership brochure—all designed by Trillion.

In the past, costly oversized envelopes were mailed to each new member. The packages were filled with lots of information that wound up weighing several ounces and cost the non-profit organization thousands of dollars in postage each year.

By modifying the content of their membership brochure, we were able to consolidate the information down to a few key points with supporting visuals. We reduced the finished size of the brochure and the overall new member packet to now fit into a standard #10 envelope, driving postage costs down from $1.70/piece to $0.65—a 62% savings!

The brochure mimics the organization’s successful map series and folds to a small pocket brochure. The complex roll fold was executed perfectly by one of our trusted print vendor partners.