The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, a leader in trail blazing and maintenance, land conservation, and advocacy since 1920, boasts an impressive catalog of hiking publications and map sets. They approached Trillion because the catalog was suffering from inconsistent design and lack of brand focus, which did little to promote the Trail Conference. Trillion was tasked with the not for profit publication design, not only researching and developing a new way of updating the maps, but also designing and implementing a new brand identity which would position the Trail Conference as the go-to resource for trail seekers and outdoor enthusiasts in the New York metropolitan region.

Trillion analyzed the library of map sets, which included 29 maps with wide-ranging styles of design. We developed a dynamic system that successfully branded across all platforms the many different shapes and sizes of maps. The Trail Conference also hired a full-time cartographer to translate GPS coordinates and other data into clean, accurate digital renderings of the terrain and trails that could be updated more often than previous hand-drawn versions. Finally, we implemented the branding across the Trail Conference’s complete product line, giving it a consistent retail shelf presence which is easily recognized by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the region.


Sales increased as soon as the new map sets hit the shelves, and the growth pattern continued as more and more sets were published. In fact, sales have grown year to year anywhere from 10% to 34%.