When Bonds of Courage changed its name from Summit Supports Our Troops, it had a unique challenge of communicating the name change as well as discussing the additional responsibilities and services it was undertaking. They choose Trillion for the NJ not for profit branding project.

Trillion developed the brand strategy and guidelines from the bottom up. We defined and documented the emotional drivers and language of the organization. We helped refine and clarify the mission and vision statements so that all communications would portray a consistent “voice” to their constituents, sponsors, volunteers and the media.

We also developed the visual aspects of Bonds of Courage. The brandmark and brand personality were carefully crafted. How to correctly use the brandmark, color palettes, typographic considerations for print and online communications, and more were also included in the brand guidelines manual that all employees, volunteers and vendors are encouraged to read and abide by.

The Bonds of Courage identity system, collateral materials and website are designed to inspire targeted groups and citizens to donate to the organization, become a volunteer or request support as a post-9/11 troop. Clear, concise text combined with dramatic, powerful imagery has established the brand as a trustworthy and caring non-profit organization.


The Bonds of Courage website has been recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded an American Graphic Design Award.