Aberson Narotzky & White is a leading branded products supplier with impressive long-term working relationships with well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola.

Trillion was retained to create a new logo based on the ANW acronym and to redesign ANW’s business documents to reflect the new brand identity. Our designer needed to be sensitive to the many logo applications and production methods used within the branded products arena, so complex detail and color combinations were ruled out.

We decided that a hand-written, custom mark would most effectively set ANW apart from its competitors. We then accented the simple black mark with grey and brushed aluminum highlights to express “luxury,” which also allowed the mark to remain strong while taking a step back from competing with the wide variety of brands and products that regularly appear adjacent to the ANW logo.


This project has been recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded an American Graphic Design Award.