Trillion was asked to create an admissions viewbook and a complementing design to launch The Hewitt School’s new strategic plan. The goal of both pieces for this New York City-based all-girls school was to look and sound different from the other competing schools in the area. After art-directing a photoshoot throughout the school, interviewing faculty, students, alumnae and parents, we created this blue-print themed viewbook that highlighted what makes Hewitt so special. The oversized viewbook featured a pocket folder with business card slits to hold up-to-date information about course offerings and new programs at the school. These flexible inserts will allow The Hewitt School to use the viewbook for two academic years, while still keeping their content current and fresh. Trillion also created a matching strategic plan design which could be inserted into the back of the viewbook for prospective parents. We also coordinated the mailing of the strategic plan at the beginning of the school year to parents, alumnae and other academic institutions around the US.