Jennifer Connelly Interactive Productions (JCIP) is the video production company of Jennifer Connelly Public Relations. JCIP provides complete visual communications strategies to businesses across a broad range of industries.

This website design utilizes CSS3 and HTML5 to generate a fully fluid and responsive website; meaning that the website has been crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience across mobile and desktop platforms. The website will adapt its content to each device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android device or desktop computer. In fact, a responsive website will be able to display its content to devices that haven’t even been made yet—another benefit to responsive web design.

Trillion built this website using the Drupal content management system. We’ve enabled unique JCIP administrative access levels to grant users the ability to upload and manage new clients, videos, careers, staff, content and more from anywhere there’s a connection to the web. We’ve designed the system to allow administrators to easily reorganize portfolio samples and more to keep content fresh and dynamic throughout the website.


The Jennifer Connelly Interactive Productions responsive website has been recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded an American Graphic Design Award.