Yo Lotta Luv is a privately-owned frozen yogurt store located in the heart of Chatham, NJ, an affluent suburb of New York City.

We helped develop this fun, frozen yogurt emporium’s brand image and worked closely with the lead architect and interior designer to create a store that is well-designed and easily scalable for additional locations.

We began with a competitive analysis to help discover opportunities for the new brand. We then designed the custom script type and heart swirl logo, and also created promotional materials such as a temporary website landing page, frozen yogurt cup design, help wanted posters, business card design and gift card design.

Trillion also consulted on the employees’ uniforms as well as the graphics for the exterior signage and designed all of the interior graphics and animation that appear on the walls of the store, as well as on two digital menu boards and large flat screen display. The flat screen display features a 3-minute looping animated video that promotes the brand and its reward program.

From the moment you step into the store you’ll recognize that tremendous attention to detail was paid to the design and execution of the store’s branding message and impact. Every detail in the store is custom built and designed to maximize the approximately 1,250 square-feet of space in the location. There’s a lot to love about Yo Lotta Luv, and Trillion is proud to be a part of it.


The Yo Lotta Luv branding has been recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded multiple American Graphic Design Awards.