If you’ve seen crowds of people on their phones walking around like zombies, you are not alone. Don’t worry, its not a zombie apocalypse, they are more than likely playing the Pokémon GO mobile game.

The 30 second Pokémon GO primer:

Pokémon GO is a free mobile app/game which requires you to move yourself around outside to battle and catch Pokémon. The game shows you a map of your local surroundings and shows you which Pokémon are nearby, as well as the location of “Poke stops” – places where you may collect items and sometimes even attract Pokémon (Poke stops are usually landmarks or areas of interest in your neighborhood). When a Pokémon is in sight, the game taps into the user’s camera and shows a view of the real world with the character superimposed on the screen to catch.

Why does Pokémon sound familiar?

Pokémon is a series of games/characters that were widely popular in the 90’s; the brand was resurrected with the wild success of Pokémon GO.

How does it work?

Pokémon GO uses a technology called location-based augmented reality (AR). Your mobile device super-imposes computer generated images (in this instance Pokémon monsters) on top of your camera view of the real world. The game taps into Google Maps to render the in-game map – which helps identify areas of higher player traffic and gives rise to to more Pokémon and poke stops in those areas.

Why should you care?

Pokémon GO is making AR mainstream. The applications are numerous and can fuse digital information with the outside world. By pointing your mobile phone camera you could potentially learn about a tourist destination, see how much a car costs and its features, take the temperature of your apartment or learn how to prepare a recipe. The possibilities are endless.

Marketers have been quick to try to capitalize on the Pokémon GO crowds. This has been especially true for retailers, museums and other not for profits. Lucky restaurants and museums quickly found out if they were gyms or poke stops this month, but there are other creative ways to lure Pokémon into your establishment. McDonalds Japan just inked a deal for every restaurant to become a gym or Pokéstop in Japan, betting on increased business due to an increase in foot traffic. The marriage of geolocation and retail marketing holds exciting new opportunities and Pokémon GO has provided the needed introduction to the public of the possibilities of AR.

What’s next?

You’ll see a race of new games developed that use location-based AR based on the Pokémon GO model. The applications of AR for tourism, retail, real estate and manufacturing, to name a few, are both exciting and will see faster adoption. The fusion of digital and the real world has exciting possibilities.

Where are the Summit, NJ Poke stops?

Stop by the Trillion HQ and visit our local Poke stops below:

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Give it a try! If you’d like a glimpse into the future of digital technology download Pokémon GO here. Want to capitalize on the AR craze for your business or organization? Let’s talk, fill out our content form or call us at 908.219.4703.