Many local businesses seek cost effective methods of advertising and marketing to increase business. What was once a daunting task has now been made easier with a service from the United States Postal Service (USPS)—Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM for short. EDDM is one of the best kept secrets for reaching new local customers in a very affordable way.

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail is a program that the USPS launched a few years ago which allows businesses to send promotional mailings, postcards, flyers and brochures, within a tightly defined area at a reduced cost. It is all handled locally and does not require the USPS to sort, stamp or process the individual pieces. This efficient process rewards you with significantly decreased postage costs and eliminates additional expenses typically associated with mailing items through the post office. Some details are completed prior to the USPS receiving the mailings which winds up being great for the USPS and great for you.

There are several features of Every Door Direct Mail that you should know:

  • You do NOT need to purchase a mailing list
  • You do NOT need to address each item
  • You CAN mail larger postcards than normally allowed
  • Flat postcards and folded brochures cost the same
  • There are much lower postage costs, currently $0.175 each, even for larger pieces

Why is Every Door Direct Mail helpful?

Clearly the cost per piece is lower for delivery; but it is the way in which the mail is delivered that makes EDDM so effective. In theory, most people prefer, and are more likely, to hire a business that is within 5 miles of their home. The EDDM program can get your brand in front of local residents. However, business owners should not overlook the importance of the communications that are printed on the mailings.

For example, Trillion carefully crafts the design and messaging of the mailings we prepare for EDDM campaigns. With that in mind, it is the design which can play the largest role in making the mailing more effective. Even though the cost to deliver the pieces is dramatically lower with EDDM, your mailing pieces will be exceedingly more effective when they feature quality and strategically conceptualized graphic design. A talented graphic designer positions the text and images in a way that controls a viewer’s eye. We control the way your customers will absorb the information, ultimately persuading them to take the next steps with you.

Benefits of the Every Door Direct Mail program:

  • Mailing can consist of as little as 200 pieces and still qualify for $0.175 per piece rate
  • Mail up to 5,000 pieces per day, per zip code
  • You can define the neighborhoods to send to
  • You can send very targeting messaging at low cost
  • Increase local awareness of your brand
  • Generate more opportunities for your business.

Now that we let the secret out, have Trillion help you craft a highly impactful mailing for your business. The program is quick to implement and a useful online tool allows you to see how many potential addresses are within your area. Want to get your company in front of local residents and businesses by mailing them postcards and brochures at a fraction of the expense it used to cost? Contact Trillion or call us at 908.219.4703.