Since Derek Jeter’s career as a professional baseball player has officially come to a close, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect upon his impressive accomplishments and how his brand can help your brand. His leadership and respect (#RE2PECT) for the game has positioned him in his own league. Let’s dive into how Derek Jeter became the most marketable player in sports and reveal what you can learn from his impressive career and apply it to your brand.

Brand Consistency

If anything Jeter was consistent. Not for keeping the same uniform or logo all of the time, but for being dedicated to giving 100%, all of the time. Teammates and opponents alike regarded Jeter as a consummate professional and one of the best players of his generation because of how consistent he was in his dedication to the game of baseball. It was his dedication that helped him achieve individual and team milestones such as most valuable player and World Series championships. Compare this to being dedicated to your brand by placing your core values at the heart of what you do, in everything that you do, no matter what.

Your customers and prospects will appreciate consistency in the services that you provide, the products that you make, or simply the unique experiences that you offer to them. Consistently stay true to your brand all of the time and it will be fruitful. For example, if being green or eco-friendly is a big part of your brand, make sure recycling receptacles are readily available and that no styrofoam products are in your store.

Brand Promise

Captain Clutch is a nickname given to Derek Jeter because of his outstanding ability to perform at his best during the most critical situations. Brand promise is statement that says what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. For example, Nike’s is “Authentic Athletic Experience.”

Like I mentioned above about giving 100%, the brand promise you make to your customers should be delivered at every interaction. Award-winning logos, websites and advertising can only go so far in promoting a brand promise. Having a brand promise be portrayed, acted upon and executed IS Derek Jeter and should be emulated when applying your brand promise for your clients. It is something they will appreciate and reward you for.

Brand Loyalty

There is no doubt about the loyalty of Derek Jeter to baseball and the New York Yankees. As a child growing up in New Jersey, he became a passionate fan of the team in pinstripes. Later in life, the Yankees drafted him and welcomed him to a place he would call home for nearly 20 years. He placed the team first and winning as the top priority. He had goals which he achieved and records that he broke. He respected the game and teammates like few others. With all of his effort and notable performance, Derek Jeter earned the respect and brand loyalty of his fans, and ultimately the New York Yankees.

Consistent, positive experiences will build brand loyalty and as Derek Jeter’s on-field and off-field leadership grows, the brand loyalty that his fans express proves unprecedented. They want more Derek Jeter because he was delivering a brand experience that they wanted more of. The fans became advocates and it was unique—creating a connection—just like your brand should.

Now that Derek Jeter is retired as a player (many hope for his coming out of retirement debut), it doesn’t mean he will leave the game or his brand behind. Our prediction is that all of the hard work he put into it will continue to evolve into something bigger. If your brand is searching for a stronger position in its marketplace, contact Trillion. Brand development and redevelopment is a complex process that Trillion specializes in. We carefully deconstruct a brand and its marketplace, then carefully rebuild it into something more meaningful and relevant. Contact us to discuss how we can help strategically position your brand and build the tools that can bring more success to it.