If asked if you have a responsive website, would you know how to respond?

At Trillion, we design and build intuitive, responsive websites that become our clients’ most important marketing tool. A responsive website is different from traditional websites because it re-organizes its content based on the device and the screen dimensions on which it’s being viewed. A responsive website automatically adjusts its content whether it’s viewed on a smartphone or a widescreen desktop.

We’ve refined our website development process to be strictly responsive to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness – read on to find out how:

1. Site Architecture Phase


After completing initial research and interviews to learn about your brand, your website and business’ goals, we develop the basic structure of your new website. We start with a sitemap, which is a plan of all of the pages on your website and where they will live in relation to all of the other pages around them. After a sitemap is approved, we create wireframes. Think of wireframes as the blueprints for the structure of each uniquely designed page of your website. Wireframes outline the site’s architecture, intelligently defining and placing all major navigational elements (see example below). The site architecture phase helps reduce design and development time by ensuring mutual understanding of the website layout and functionality prior to design and development.


2. Graphic Design / Content Development Phase

This phase is where we establish your website’s look and feel. Our graphic design team translates the website architecture into a design that looks graphically intelligent and invigorates your brand. Meanwhile, our copywriters fine-tune your content based on our new information architecture and your brand strategy. We provide two unique design directions to choose from. Once a direction is chosen, we implement your feedback during two rounds of revisions, working with you to get everything just right. Once the final design is approved, we design each additional unique page template for your approval prior to development.

3. Development Phase

Now your website comes to life! In the development phase, beautiful design meets flawless function. Internally, our design and development teams create a site specification document. This document is our development team’s road map for the construction of your website’s technical data structure, visual front-end templates and customized content management system (CMS).

4. Quality Assurance & Testing Phase

In the QA & testing phase, Trillion initiates an extensive testing procedure that includes two internal rounds of visual site inspection, interactive feature inspection, cross-browser and device compatibility inspection, and CMS inspection. We check all of the little details to ensure everything is functioning as expected before the site goes into beta review.

5. Content Implementation & Beta Review

In this final stage before launch, we upload all of your approved new content to the website. If we are redeveloping a website that is actively in use, we schedule a content freeze to ensure that all of the content between the old to new website is in sync upon launch. The website is now fully operational and updated with this new content, but has not yet gone live. This beta site is handed to you for review. Once you’ve evaluated and approved the final website, it’s time to launch!

6. Launch / Review / Training

With your approval, we launch your website and offer a two-week grace period for debugging. We monitor the results of each project and refine as needed in the future. To learn more about the CrestHire website, click here.

Our website development process has proven to be successful for Trillion’s clients time and time again. By building your website from the ground up, working with you at every stage of the development process, and keeping a mindful focus on your brand’s strategic goals throughout, we can create a website that performs beautifully and yields results.

If you would like to learn more about our website development process we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 908.219.4703 or fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you.