When a brand has not evolved much over time, some level of adjustment may need to be made in order for the brand to continue to thrive and stay relevant. Many business owners and executives do not go through the branding process often enough to be able to fully understand the process. So how do you know if it’s time to rebrand the company or just refresh it? Keep reading and I’ll provide some tips so you can recognize the signs.

The difference between rebranding and a brand refresh can be explained in two simple statements:

  • Rebranding is likely required if your business’ values and the values of those you serve have grown apart from what your company or organization is presently doing.
  • A brand refresh would more likely be beneficial for your company if the branding feels a little tired and dated but your core mission, vision and target audiences are still intact. We see many companies where a brand refresh may be more appropriate than a full rebrand.

Rebranding is likely required if your business values and those you serve have grown askew from what your company or organization is doing.

Branding is the culmination of the ways you establish an image and impression of your company to be perceived by your customers and prospects. This includes:

  • visual touchpoints such as logo, package design, uniforms, store or office signage
  • verbal touchpoints such as key messaging, emails, social media posts, online reviews and responses
  • sensory touchpoints such as paper, music, video, audio or scent

For those considering a rebrand or brand refresh, odds are your touchpoints have become out of alignment and the brand is no longer connecting with customers and prospects in the best way. Just how far out of alignment will be determined through your business analytics or discovery sessions with your leadership, employees and customers—at a minimum.

Common Rebranding Scenarios

When we are approached by C-suite executives or marketing directors to rebrand a company or organization, the following scenarios are ones we most often hear:

  • The company is going through a merger or acquisition
  • The company’s core services, products or target market has changed
  • The previous branding was not executed well or accurately
  • The brand is no longer positioned properly in connecting and speaking with existing and new customers
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Common Brand Refresh Scenarios

Many times, companies who identify brand issues early on can make adjustments through a brand refresh. A brand refresh is a visual update which can contain text updates too but adjustments to strategy are usually kept to a minimum. Here are the common scenarios we see that typically qualify for a brand refresh:

  • It has been too long since the brand identity received attention
  • Increased competition has reduced your market share
  • A business is expanding based on success
  • Branding materials are inconsistent or non-existent
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Branding is a powerful force for companies. When properly planned, executed, analyzed and managed, it becomes the sculptor that molds the company. It’s important to understand and react to the needs and wants of your customers, prospects and staff. We interview these core groups during the rebranding process to gather insights which lead to recommendations that are implemented. The rebranding process can take 3-6 months for most businesses. The size and sophistication of the brand will dictate the effort involved and how many marketing materials will be revised.

Often overlooked, the costs of printing new collateral materials, updating signage, revising packaging or redesigning a website (and more) can be extensive.

As in any rebrand, or even a brand refresh, the cost of updating the marketing materials should be taken into consideration. Often overlooked, the costs of printing new collateral materials, updating signage, revising packaging or redesigning a website and more can be extensive. During the discovery process, have your branding team perform a brand audit to identify what materials will need to be updated and when. By identifying priorities and budgeting time and expenses, you can plan for your brand launch and potentially implement a phased rollout to spread out costs in a strategic manner.

At Trillion we have a proven track record and reputation of using our branding expertise and implementing branding facelifts for the benefit of corporations and not-for profits—and we love doing it.

If you are still unsure if you require rebranding or if a brand refresh might be best for your company or organization, give us a call at 908.219.4703. Within a brief initial conversation, we can assess your situation and provide some guidance for next steps. If you feel more comfortable submitting a form, you can do so here and one of our partners will reach out to you.